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About us

About us


The GoPed brand of products started as an idea back in 1985 from a dedicated family owned and operated company. Today the original family is still very much involved in GoPeds and GoPed Ltd. is now operated under the guidance of Gabe Patmont who produced the very first GoPed production model back in 1985 that is now owned by the Smithsonian Institution, held several world GoPedding championships and has been working through just about every position available at GoPed. Over the years GoPed has been refining its designs for their ergonomics, form, function, and handling through testing, racing, and pushing our machines to the limits. Now GoPed Ltd remains the world leader of quality personal transportation products that still produces its models in the same “old school” way. GoPed Ltd. sources for the best materials available, does much of the machining, welding, bending, stamping, and painting that goes into each unit. GoPed Ltd. also does all the hand assembly of each and every unit and this is all done in our facility located in MindenNevada. USA. We do things a little differently then the rest but this is so we can maintain full control of all operations from start to completion that clearly keeps GoPed Ltd. creating the best scooter in the world. We use sophisticated machines, tooling and high quantity materials along with passionate and dedicated employees to maintain consistency and quality that each and every one at GoPed is proud of.


Being a manufacture in the USA is not an easy task and our impact on the environment is something we take very seriously. We strive to maintain as much of the operations and materials used within the USA and to do so in ways that minimizes the impact on our environment just as the products we produce are intended to do.


We at GoPed Werx thank you for your interest in the GoPed brand and hope that our hard work and dedication gets you experiencing the freedom of personal transportation that you get from a GoPed.



From all of us at GoPed Werx.





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