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Super Go-Quad


Super Go-Quad 30


Based on the highly successful platform of the original Go-Quad, the Skunk Werx set out to improve it even more by integrating what top racers have been doing to get the extra edge on the track and by making those proven modifications standard!

A Live Axle Go-Quad

The most important improvement in the Go-Quad 30 was for Go-Ped to leave the traditional one wheel drive design by going to a shifter cart inspired live rear axle, making the Go-Quad 30 two-wheel-drive and two-wheel-braking . Unlike all prior Go-Quad models, the Go-Quad 30 offers 100% of pure equal turning in both directions and puts an end to pulling towards one direction under braking. 

This major enhancement provides users with the most perfect handling capabilities. It gives them safe and absolute control while also achieving much faster track time.

The chain driven/centrifugal clutch on the Go-Quad 30 comes standard. It is set at a slightly lower gear ratio than the previous models to provide for the best acceleration off the line and out of corners.

Improved front end geometry for the most superior handling performance

A newly designed steering plate has been added and allows the inside cornering wheel to turn slightly sharper than the outside wheel. Often referred to as “Ackerman Steering”, this new feature produces excellent responsive turning. 

After extensive testing by Go-Ped Group of Companies “Skunk Werks” and proven performance on the track, the caster - the angle in which the front wheels tilt s back - has also been optimized to 17 degrees to reduce “pushing” and consequently offer excellent cornering.

The 2 full inch added to the length of the front axle also contribute to the Go-Quad 30 excellent stability and handling performance.

The handlebars have been ergonomically enhanced. Wider, lower and slightly forward, they provide for a more aggressive location. They also have a 20 degree bend for the ultimate rider's comfort, now making this the easiest Go-Quad to get into and out of.

A Proven Winner!

The Go-Quad 30 most definitely boasts incomparable features and performance, already celebrated before its official launch today during the first ISA Race of the Season. Over this past weekend at the ISA Scootercross® races in Phoenix, AZ, the new Go-Quad 30 was tested in the Endurance Quad class by Tim Patmont. The Go-Quad 30 was totally out-of-the-box stock and managed to take a First place win with an amazing 167 laps in the 45 minutes straight duration! The next closest racer was lapped nine full laps by this Go-Quad!

Not only did this race prove the performance and reliability of the Go-Quad 30. It also showed that the Go-Quad 30 will be the new dominant machine on the race track!

Super Go-Quad 46


The Go-Ped Group of Companies is proud to extend its very successful and well proven Micro Kart line of products by the exciting addition of the Super Go-Quad 46.

The Super Go-Quad 46 becomes the latest top of the line Go-Quad model and will allow users and go-karts racers to take their karting passion to professional height!

Engineered using the winning Super Go-Quad 30 design, the Super Go-Quad 46 is equipped with the thrilling and powerful high output GP460RS engine and drive train.

The GP460RS Go-Ped® engine, which boasts an incredible 4 Horse Power, and the 78mm automatic centrifugal clutch allows the new Super Go-Quad 40 to keep pushing the limits of Micro Kart Racing.

The Ferrari Red powder coating gives it the screaming color this unique racing machine deserves. The New Super Go-Quad 46 is equipped with a rear live axle, making it just like its little brother Super Go-Quad 30, two-wheel drive and two-wheel braking.


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