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The next generation of Go-Quads


GoPed is proud to extend its very successful and well proven Micro Kart line of products by the exciting addition of the Super Go-Quad

A Live Axle Go-Quad

The most important improvement in the Go-Quad was for Go-Ped to leave the traditional one wheel drive design by going to a shifter cart inspired live rear axle, making the Go-Quad two-wheel-drive and two-wheel-braking . Unlike all prior Go-Quad models, the Go-Quad offers 100% of pure equal turning in both directions and puts an end to pulling towards one direction under braking. 

super-go-quad-copy.jpgThis major enhancement provides users with the most perfect handling capabilities. It gives them safe and absolute control while also achieving much faster track time.

The chain driven/centrifugal clutch on the Go-Quad comes standard. It is set at a slightly lower gear ratio than the previous models to provide for the best acceleration off the line and out of corners.




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