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ESR 750 Hoverboard®

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Q: How far can my electric scooter go?

A: It depends on allot of factors. Our claimed range is on flat ground with 170 pound rider. The results are... With a 10Ah pack you can go 8.2 miles in "Turbo" and 11.6 in "Econo" With a 20Ah pack you can go 17.3 miles in "Turbo" and 20.2 in "Econo" 

Q: What is the best electric scooter for me?

A: That depends on your needs, fun work or just got to have. Look at what your going to use it for. Weather it is hoping of the metro and riding a mile or two to work or taking your kids to school. GoPed has variety of different electric scooters that very is size weight and range. Either one you pick you get GoPeds quality guarantee.




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